Stephen Meyerink
Music of the Year 2013 - Day Seven
The explosive finale! Rhythm Encounter listens to YOUR favorites!
03.16.14 - 2:02 PM

It's with both excitement and a little bit of sadness that I bring you the finale of the Rhythm Encounter Music of the Year 2013 megasuperspecial. We've had plenty of time (over four hours, in fact) to talk about our favorites, so we turned to you, the listeners, for recommendations for our tracklist on this most final of finales. These tunes weren't restricted to music from 2013, so you'll find a bevy of tracks stretching even as far back as the early days of the Gameboy Advance, so be sure to tune in!

And maybe, just maybe, take a Journey back to RPGFan tomorrow for a little Wintory something to truly close off our Music of the Year celebrations.