Mike Salbato
Meet the Heroines of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
Complete with flashy transformation animations!
01.14.14 - 10:22 PM

Apparently Atlus no longer wanted to refer to Conception II's seven heroines as simply that, and today revealed the names and short bios on each of the ladies that you'll be looking to make Star Children with.

Before we get to that though, you may want to see the transformations that each heroine undergoes to become battle-ready. Since these are ~10MB animated GIFs, you can view them in this Imgur gallery. But be warned: Some of them are mildly NSFW, so you — hey, come back so I can warn you!


First up is Chloe. An instructor at the Academy, the talented Chloe is a year older than you (well, your character in-game), as well as being your friend Chlotz's elder sister. She does battle with a Remote Turret.


Green-haired Ellie doesn't lack for energy and spirit, and despite her appearance and being a first-year student, is mature for her age. Ellie attacks with a Summoning Gun, which, despite its name, is a magic staff.


Taking a cue from Squall, Feene wields a Gunblade in battle. NOT taking a cue from Squall, Feene is earnest and polite. Regarded as one of the strongest Disciples, she is currently a third-year student.


Fuuko has the honor of being the first female student you'll meet in Conception II. Down-to-earth, bright, and amicable, Fuuko makes friends easily. While you can only see one in this image, she wields Dual Pistols.


Apparently Narika is shy and lacks self-confidence. But her position as vice representative of your class and her exposed midriff make me question this description. Narika wields a Bowgun, taking out enemies from a distance.


Like Feene, Serina here is a third-year Disciple. She has a good heart, but tries not to wear it on her sleeve. Her Kick Gun is... what, a Kick Gun? Okay. Well, her Kick Gun is a powerful weapon and stylish (yet affordable?) boots all in one.


Finally, we have Torri. Raised in a research facility (What do they research? No idea), Torri is unfamiliar with the outside world, and often believes anything she's told. You can already see how that's going to play out in this game, can't you? Though you'd best not upset her, since she carries around a powerful Gatling Gun.

And that's it! Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is due out this spring on PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS for $39.99. Launch copies will come inside a special box and include a 10-track music CD, which you can see in our gallery. So if you want it, it's not a bad idea to pre-order the game, don't you think?