Andrew Barker
The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue Evolution Special Editions Detailed
There are four different releases. Yup, four.
12.29.13 - 11:44 AM

Originally released as The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue on PSP, Evolution is an enhanced Vita port that will be released in June 2014 in Japan. The retail version will cost 5,800 yen ($55 USD), while the downloadable PSN release will cost 4,800 yen ($46 USD).

In addition to those, two special editions will be for sale at the same time. The cheaper of the two, the 7,800 yen ($74 USD) limited edition comes with a mini drama CD, a Lloyd figure, a Tio figure and the game. The more expensive 9,800 yen ($93 USD) edition comes with Elie, KeA, and Randy figures, a drama CD, a soundtrack and the game.

Of course, there's no plans to release the game internationally. However, don't forget that XSeed are currently hard at work localising the second chapter of Trails in the Sky, which should be released sometime in 2014 for PC and PSP.