Liz Maas
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Gets A 3DS XL Bundle, Too
It's the year of the 3DS.
12.03.13 - 8:59 PM

Even though Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has been out since August, it didn't get its own Nintendo 3DS bundle until... yesterday? Just in time for Cyber Monday (of Luigi, apparently), Nintendo America released a Mario and Luigi-themed silver 3DS XL bundle with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team pre-installed on the system.

Now, why didn't they make silver 3DS systems earlier? Check out the bundle, priced at $199.99, below.

North American 3DS XL Bundle North American 3DS XL Bundle

We've had more than our choice of special edition 3DS bundles this year, including Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon, and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, to name a few.