Mike Salbato
Shopping Returns: Outfitting Lightning
Let's go shopping and look at more customization in Lightning Returns: FFXIII.
11.07.13 - 9:41 PM

It seems Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is meant to appeal to a wide range of players. Sure, there's the exploration, RPG elements, chocobos, fast-paced battle system based on those seen in previous Final Fantasy XIII games. That's all good. And for those of us who like a ton of customization options in our games, the sheer amount of gear and outfit options are just a multicolored icing on the cake. Tonight we have a new video showing even more outfitting options for our pink-haired heroine:

Additionally, we've added 15 new screen shots to our gallery, so don't miss those.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases February 11th, 2014 in North America and February 14th in Europe.