Liz Maas
Acttil & Elemental Labs Announce Reborn, Kickstarter Campaign
A sci-fi action RPG on the PS3 and PS4? Yes please.
09.19.13 - 9:22 PM

Publisher Acctil and developer Elemental-Labs today announced plans for a new PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 titled Reborn. What's more, the sci-fi action RPG will be getting its own Kickstarter campaign in the next few days with a goal of $150,000 in order to publish the title. Details on pledges and possible stretch goals weren't given, so we'll have to wait for the campaign to begin to find out more.

Reborn is set in 2188 Neo-Tokyo, starring a futuristic version of the famous swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The era has largely turned to technology and has neglected nature, but a few are resisting and rebelling against the change and 'destruction of their culture.' Musashi as one of them, fighting against not only that, but corruption and Rena Nakano, president of Nexus Roku. A cyborg who promises the Japanese a better life, he's got what basically amounts to control chips in his company's patients, giving than a bit too much power and influence over the country. It gets worse: Rena Nakano also hopes to free the Tengu Demon Sojobo and give her immortality, but he needs to find an ancient pearl to make this happen. Musashi will lead a small group of rebels against Nexus Roku in what sounds like an interesting tale of freedom and free will.

The action RPG lets you install augmentations for abilities, and Wu Xing for element-based skills, and you'll find lots of gear along the way too. Aside from these and the combat itself, you'll also need to rely on stealth as well as 'social perception.' Maybe conversation choices will crop up here?

Running on Unreal Engine, Reborn has been in development for nine months by a 'small but talented' team. The title will release digitally on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the fall of 2014. Stay tuned for more info, the Kickstarter page complete with a trailer when it goes live next week!