Mike Salbato
Path of Exile's Third Season of Race Events Looms
Compete for (virtual) fame and (virtual) fortune!
06.25.13 - 8:37 PM

Race events are nothing new to folks that have been playing Path of Exile since it reached open beta status in January. So far, there have been two 'seasons' of race leagues — short term events in which players compete against the clock for fame and fortune. In the first two seasons, the race took players though the main game of Path of Exile, sometimes with special modifiers like fast monsters & ancestral totems, in an effort to gain more experience than other players.

In season three, developer Grinding Gear Games is trying something new: Instead of playing familiar content, the new Descent league drops contestants into a new scenario, racing from the outskirts of the Phrecian Forest to the depths of a forgotten cathedral. The new areas will be inhabited with monsters from all areas of the main game, but completing the task won't be easy. Race events give you a new character, separate from your main, so you're starting fresh, relying on your skill and choice of character build to get you through the event. Increasing the difficulty is the fact that there's no town to visit, no portals, no waypoints, and flask charges are only earned by defeating monsters or leveling up. And did we mention these are solo events, so you're completely on your own?

Players who manage to reach the end of a level are greeted by a pair of chests. The contents will help you on your way!.... because they'll contain pre-determined items based on your character build. The catch is that only one chest can be opened per level, so choose wisely.

Grinding Gear Games will monitor those who reach the highest levels with each character class, and award said players with unspecified prizes. All of this kicks off on Saturday, June 29th, and runs for six weeks, with a total of about 50 Descent events spread across that time.

You can learn even more about Race Season Three at Path of Exile's website.

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