Liz Maas
New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screens
Location, location, location.
03.21.13 - 9:23 PM

Square Enix today shared some new screens for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that let us take a look at a new part of Nova Chrysalia, the Dead Dunes, where Lightning will have to recover some kind of treasure. This mysterious desert area introduces new foes for her to fight including a bandit group, plus item and food shops, an inn - all the usual RPG amenities.

When she's not shopping or resting, Square introduced a couple of abilities that will be useful to her in battle. Lightspeed slows down time for the enemy while using up EP; and of course, being the only playable character, Lightning will have to use recovery spells on herself in case she runs out of potions.

Be sure to check out all the new screens inn our gallery linked below. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII does not yet have a release date.