Liz Maas
Tons Of Persona 4: Golden Videos
If you thought sixteen was a lot.... here's 28 more.
11.09.12 - 2:58 PM

Last month, we shared sixteen videos of Persona 4: Golden's characters. Atlus USA today shared an even bigger batch of videos by a long shot - 28, to be exact, but this time they cover all sorts of gameplay both in and out of the dungeons TV.

First, a look at the five difficulty settings.

Vox Populi, a new feature to the Vita version which lets you see what other players did in your current in-game situation.

Weather forecasts. If you've never played Persona 4, yes this is important!

Another new feature is TV programs.

Gardening with Nanako. Who wouldn't want to garden with Nanako?

Moving onto Personas, shuffle time looks a little different now…

Some Personas are only attainable via special fusions.

…which, of course, are done in the Velvet Room where Igor and his absurdly long nose awaits.

So long as you register your Personas, you can summon them again from the Persona Compendium.

Again, if you're new to Persona 4 (or even 3 for that matter), social links are also very key to the games.

And you can strengthen them - rank them all the way to level 10.

If you can max a link, they have benefits in battle, too.

Speaking of battle, what's new? For one, simultaneous attacks (note: this is different from all-out attacks, because this only takes two characters)

Target an enemy's weakness and you can follow up with a second attack.

New costumes can be worn in the dungeons too. I have no idea where Yosuke found this outfit.

Oh, I mentioned all-out attacks earlier. For a refresher:

While Rise acts as a guide in battle, she can also help in other ways.

A character who isn't in your current party can ride a bike into battle. (Really, this should have also been in Persona 3 just for Mitsuru to do this.)

And of course, the all-important Personas are summoned into battle.

You'll get interesting requests from classmates, etc. to find odd items in dungeons.

Exploring a dungeon.

Other players can 'help' you if you're stuck in a rut.

When you get tired of TV and dungeons, you can wander your home town of Inaba.

And even take on a part-time job if you need some money and social stat-boosts.

Your school also has various clubs the main protagonist can join.

….but you still have to study and go to class.

Your school puts on seasonal special events though, so it's not all bad.

Not to mention the ski trips.

Persona 4: Golden releases on November 20th.