Derek Heemsbergen
Pier Solar HD Announced For Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, and Sega Dreamcast
WaterMelon's Sega Genesis RPG returns with a vengeance!
11.05.12 - 3:05 PM

You may remember our coverage of Pier Solar and the Great Architects, an indie RPG released for the Sega Genesis in 2010. I got my hands on the Reprint Edition of the game earlier this year, which I reviewed, and we were also fortunate enough to have an interview with Tulio Adriano Cardoso Gonçalves of WaterMelon Games. Sure enough, we asked him if we might ever see Pier Solar on another console, and he indicated that such plans were underway. We have good news for those who were unable to get a copy of the Sega Genesis version: Tulio was true to his word. WaterMelon has announced Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, and Sega Dreamcast. However, the developers need fan support via Kickstarter to make this dream a reality.

If retro RPGs are up your alley, you may want to check out the project's official Kickstarter page. A $15 pledge gets you a digital copy of the game for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or Linux. A physical copy of the game for any system (including Dreamcast) is priced at $49. Higher pledge tiers include several Collector's Editions, a custom arcade stick, a custom Dreamcast system, the ability to design the game's final boss, and more.

For more information about WaterMelon's projects, head over to their Magical Game Factory.