Liz Maas
A Lengthy Dragon Quest X Video, Screens
Eleven minutes of the game in action and a look at battles.
06.23.12 - 8:35 PM

The other day at the Nintendo Direct conference hosted by CEO Satoru Iwata, it was announced that the first 20 hours of Dragon Quest X could be played for free. At the end of the event, Nintendo streamed a lengthy trailer/gameplay video. We may have 10 pages of screenshots, but we've seen very little of the game in motion until now. Watch below.

Speaking of screenshots, we have some new ones as well, which mainly focus on the battle system. You get to move freely about the fixed battlefield, but you'll wait for a timer to run out before you can input commands. How fast this timer runs out depends on your character's speed stat, but each time it does run out you can input your character's next move. When you do so, the timer will begin again.

Your position in battle will also be important, since of course there are both melee (attacks) and ranged moves (like spells). Another important stat here is your character's weight. Outweigh the enemy and you might have a chance of them freezing (out of fear?) and, well, unable to attack you. But if you weigh less, it's also possible to cast spells that will increase your weight.

The trailer and screens are so far all based on the Wii version, due out in Japan on August 2nd. The Wii U version is not yet dated, nor has the game been announced overseas.