Liz Maas
E3 2012: WeMade Entertainment Booth Tour
We meet with the maker of several upcoming mobile titles - 20 of which are coming this year.
06.07.12 - 3:52 AM

This morning we met with WeMade Entertainment, a Korean MMO developer established back in 2000. Although they're better known for PC titles, they are currently planning several mobile games destined for iOS and Android - 20, in fact, in 2012 alone. Eight are on display at the show this week, some of which have been in development for upwards of two years.

The title that WeMade considers to be their major game is Project Dragon: The Roar From The Dungeon (working title). We got some hands-on time with the iPad version, though it will be available for all iOS devices and Android as well. We played a weapons master - a swordsman with many moves at his disposal. All of his moves can be executed by swiping different gestures on the touchscreen, mostly directional and some circular and tap ones. An upwards swipe, for example, executes a handy spinning sword attack called Rising Slash, which came in very useful when surrounded by enemies. Alternatively, you can opt for button shortcuts instead.

We only were able to try out the one class in battle, but sage, magician and assassin classes will also be available upon release. Both character and weapon attributes utilize a skill tree. The game can hold up to 5000 players on each server, and will include a guild system, player-vs-player combat, and a system that sees players battling each other for territory. If you prefer co-op, well, you can have up to six players in a party.

Afterwards, we got some time with Goblin Mobile on an Android device. This action MMO, supporting up to 4 players is a fast-paced 2D sidescroller with a bit of a retro gameplay feel (think Streets of Rage with more depth). Two characters were available, a sword-wielding berserker who can execute multi-hit combos, and a steam shooter who, as you may have figured out, is more proficient with guns. WeMade promises there will be 5 classes available, over 80 skills to learn, a variety of weapons, as well as customizable character stats and appearance. Visually, Goblin Mobile's world is lush and detailed, complete with smooth animations and fluid controls. For a title without a solid release date, it's shaping up nicely.

Aside from these, WeMade has Hero Square in the works; unfortunately it was only in the form of a very brief trailer. A very social network-integrated title, Hero Square takes place on a tiny island where you fight (using a turn-based battle system), explore, loot, and expand your kingdom by taking over other players' land. Hero Square doesn't yet have a specific release date besides later in 2012.

As you can tell, WeMade has a wide variety of iOS and Android titles in store this year, so be on the lookout!