Liz Maas
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Media Added
Those battles look fun.
04.27.12 - 7:39 PM

Square Enix today sent out the latest batch of screens and artwork for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance today, so we'll get a closer look at the battles, and some more Dream Eaters. With unusual names like Peepsta Hoo, Meow Wow and Me Me Bunny - not to mention the oh so colourful designs to go with them - this action RPG will be anything but boring. In addition to these rainbow-loving monsters, you'll also find 12 new battle-centric screenshots.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS is due out in North America on July 31st and Europe on August 3rd. Despite being released in Japan a month ago, a demo will be made available on the Japanese eShop as of May 2nd. You'll need 90 MB of space, but can re-play the demo up to 15 times.