Liz Maas
Dragon Quest X JP Date, Trailer
And a look at the alchemist class.
04.26.12 - 8:40 PM

Square Enix announced earlier today that the Wii version of Dragon Quest X, the first online entry in the series, will be available in Japan in August. If you choose to not purchase the bundle that includes a USB memory stick, you'll need one with at least 16 GB of space.

Dragon Quest X Online will ship on two discs. Subscriptions will be 1000 yen for 30 days ($12.33 US), 1950 yen for 60 days ($24.04), and 2900 yen for 90 ($35.75). You can make up to three characters per subscription and keep track of up to 100 friends in the game. You can pay via credit card or Wii Points, but the first 20 days are free with purchase of either edition of the game. Square Enix will also hold 'kids times' events, which are open for all ages but geared towards children.

Below is the newest trailer.

You'll also find screens of the alchemist job in our gallery below. Alchemists can strengthen weapons via either jar or lamp alchemy. The former adds properties like an increase in attack strength. Lamp alchemy adds magic elements to the weapon, like being able to put enemies to sleep when you hit them. In either case, in order for the alchemy to be a success, you have to win a mini-game of roulette. As the class levels up, they gain skills that will help them predict the roulette's outcome better and add 'success' slots - so alchemy won't be purely based on luck.

Dragon Quest X Online will go on sale in Japan on August 2nd for 6980 yen ($86.05 US), or 8980 yen ($110.71 US) for a bundle that includes a USB memory card. The Wii U version is of course not yet dated, and so far there have been no overseas announcements for either.