Liz Maas
Here's A Long Video Clip Of Conception: Please Have My Babies!
Locations, dungeons, classes, characters and more!
04.14.12 - 4:43 PM

The newest video clip for Spike Chunsoft's Conception: Please Have My Babies! can't really be called a trailer, but at eight and a half minutes long it provides one long, indepth overview of the game, where you (as a highschooler no less) convince twelve star maidens to bear your children, then take them into battle with you after you've given them their own fighting class.

Below, the clip offers a look at literally everything, from characters to classes to the battle system. The narrator here is 'Insane Raccoon Bear,' so brace yourself.

If bringing your stellar kids through dungeons full of dangers like falling boulders and spiky traps isn't love, I don't know what is.

Conception: Please Have My Babies! for PSP is out in Japan on April 26th. A demo will be available on the Japanese PS Store on the 19th.