Liz Maas
Nayuta no Kiseki Details
What's new with the Legend of Heroes game that's not connected to past Legend of Heroes games?
04.11.12 - 3:33 PM

Although a supposed follow-up to recent Legend of Heroes titles Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki, Falcom's Nayuta no Kiseki doesn't carry the 'Legend of Heroes' title in its name since it doesn't have ties to past games in the series. It does, however, maintain the qualities of those two titles and the Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) series, and Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo suggests that future Kiseki titles will tie in with past games.

The game's world, Lost Heaven, is actually flat, not spherical, and the main character Nayuta Herschel's parents died while investigating the end of the world. 15-year old Nayuta himself is out to discover what mysteries lie beyond the edge. Nayuta no Kiseki begins when he returns home on a school break - the name of his hometown, Nokosareshima translates to 'left behind island.' While he's there, a large ruins falls and lands on the island, and from them emerges the pink-haired fairy Noi, a character who claims to be from another world. Also introduced was Signa, a swordsman and childhood friend of Nayuta.

The real-time action battle system will mainly revolve around Nayuta, and Noi being his 'partner character' - that is, you will control Nayuta but still get to issue some orders to Noi, as well as execute some combo attacks together. Gameplay is being developed using feedback from fans in regards to the past Kiseki games' systems. Over time, Nayuta will gain the ability to control the four seasons, one of the world's many mysteries. This changes the field, enemies and magic and skill effects.

While out exploring, you'll collect over a hundred certain items (like fossils, fish and bugs) from downed enemies and treasure chests that you can take back to Nokosare and put in a museum. Sidequests and content that will only show up in a second playthrough were also mentioned in retailer listings.

Nayuta no Kiseki has been in development for two years. The team worked on the boss battles first, which they claim are some of the best for a Falcom game, requiring a lot of strategy. Each season will look completely different, with each map made from scratch. The game will be fully voiced and have full body character movement, with the characters appearing in 3D even during event scenes, while movie scenes will be animated.

Nayuta no Kiseki for PSP will be out in Japan on July 26th.