Liz Maas
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Announced
The first major expansion is out in June.
02.28.12 - 12:19 AM

Dungeons & Dragon Online will see its first big expansion this June, it was announced earlier today. Menace of the Underdark brings with it a new class, a level cap raise, new quests, areas, and more. While the MMORPG itself is free-to-play, the new content naturally, comes at a premium.

The expansion pack will have three new Forgotten Realms adventures: The King's Forest, where you'll defend Eveningstar from the legions of Lolth's Drow; The Underdark, where you'll head to Sschindlyryn and fight Lolth's followers; and The Demonweb, home to Lolth and where you'll face off against the 'spider goddess' herself. Isn't she lovely?

The level cap is also raised to 25, and there'll be new Epic Destines for between levels 20-25.

VIPs and anyone who pre-purchases either the standard or collector's edition will also unlock the new Druid class, which allows for the use of magic, or shape-shifting into animals; plus new challenges for between levels 15 and 25.

As of today, interested fans can pre-purchase either a base, standard or a collector's edition. The base edition ($29.99/22.99/24.99) includes: a Lesser Tome of Learning (increasing all EXP learned until you reach level 20), and a Demonweb spiderling companion.

The standard edition ($49.99/39.99/44.99) instead comes with a Greater Tome of Learning (increases all experience earned up to level 20, but with greater EXP bonuses than the Lesser Tome), 100 Turbine Points, veteran status (level 4), plus a DDO Classics Adventure Pack bundle (includes Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach, The Path of Inspiration, The Dreaming Dark). This bundle's pre-purchase bonuses include the spiderling companion, plus a wolf pup companion and a Spider Cult helmet.

The Collector's Edition ($79.99/59.99/69.99) comes with a Greater Tome, plus a Lesser Tome for each character, 2000 Turbine Points, veteran status level 7 and level 4 (meaning you can start a new character at these levels, one each), the Adventure Pack that's also in the standard edition, and a DDO Epic Classics Adventure Pack bundle (Vault of Night, The Red Fens, Sentinels Stormreach, Devil Assault). Pre-purchase bonuses include the same items as with the standard edition, plus an Onyx Panther Cub Creature Companion, and a level 20 Onyx Panther hireling that you can summon so long as you're in the Dungeon and Wilderness Adventures.

All editions will release on June 25th of this year. There won't be a ton to see yet, but be sure to check out our gallery for the expansion below, and the official website if you wish to pre-purchase Menace of the Underdark.