Eric Farand
The Changing of the Guard: Part 1
A goodbye from a dear friend.
02.08.12 - 10:51 AM

I'm writing today to announce a significant change on RPGFan. After almost 12 years as Editor-in-Chief, I am now officially resigning from the position. This has been in preparation for months but we wanted to wait and make it official at the begining of the year. RPGFan has been an extremely important part of my life for the past 14 years and the decision to resign was a very tough one that I struggled with for months before finally going ahead with it. As a 36 years old with a stable job, a house, a family, and a little girl, it has become increasingly hard for me to find time to devote to RPGFan. As such, I figured I might as well give the chance to somebody else to step up and lead this great website instead of clinging to the position and doing a half-ass job of it. Resigning my job as EiC of RPGFan will allow me to spend some more quality time with my family and that's a good thing at this stage of my life.

The other factor that made this decision easier to make was that I felt there was a quality individual who was ready to take over the site in my stead. As such, it's with a heavy heart but with a peace of mind that I leave my position of Editor-in-Chief to John McCarroll. It had become clear in recent years that John McCarroll had the experience, knowledge and leadership necessary to run this website and there's no doubt in my mind that he'll be a great Editor-in-Chief for RPGFan.

I've had a great run as EiC of RPGFan and I've enjoyed it immensely. I can only hope that I've somehow helped RPGFan become what it is now throughout the years and that people have enjoyed what they've seen here during my tenure. I know that for me personally, RPGFan has been a great help and I've gained a tremendous amount of experience, baggage, friends and memories from all these years spent here. I'm very thankful to all the editors I've worked with over the years for their patience with me and for being good friends. It has made the journey all that much more enjoyable for me and that's why I've been able to last that long in the position.

Since RPGFan is too important to me to just leave cold turkey like that, I've decided to stay on as a contributor/special advisor for the time being. I'll just have a lot less responsibility and will be able to stay in touch with the incredible staff and help out with various things once in a while when I have some time.

Au revoir my friends!