Liz Maas
Meet The Cast Of Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die
And find out how the 'ambidex' game works.
10.30.11 - 4:50 PM

Chunsoft's Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die is a followup to, and has a few connections to last year's 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors on the DS. Whereas in 999 you played a Nonary Game with 8 other detainees as a means to escape, in Good People Die you play an ambidex game.

This time, participants are paired up, with everyone wearing a bracelet as before. This time, your BP (bracelet points, or bangle points, whichever you prefer) will increase or decrease depending on your actions. When both players scan their bracelets into a computer, each selects whether to 'betray' or 'cooperate' with his or her partner. If both cooperate, both get two BP. If both betray, neither player's BP will change. However, if one cooperates and the other betrays, the former loses two BP while the latter gains three. Once your bracelet reaches 9 you can escape, but if you reach zero or lower, you'll die. As you might have figured out from the math, you'll *have* to betray someone at some point.

The rest of the imprisoned characters in the ambidex game were introduced, but the descriptions may contain a 999 spoiler or two. If you haven't played or finished the game, you might want to continue at your own risk. I'd suggest getting 999's best ending first.

Dio likes to cause trouble and comes off as rude, but has a soft side - he apparently has a stray kitten in his care. 20-year old Luna already has a physican's license and is described as a pacifist. K speaks in a robotlike tone, and has no idea of his real name or age - or memory whatsoever. He's usually rather logical.

Tenmyouji, the older man in the picture, is stubborn and the only survivor of a murder - one which happened at a facility where he was helping to build a probe that was to be sent to Mars. His previous work has some sort of link to the Ambidex Game. The boy in front of him, Quark, has no real connection to Tenmyoubi although he sticks close to him. He's an innocent ten-year-old why may have some kind of virus infection.

If the dark-skinned woman looks familiar, well... her name is Alice. Her body is made of ICE-9. Yotsuba knows her from the Nevada desert, too. Yotsuba herself is said to have a wild personality, and has played a similar game twice already. Finally, Zero the Third is the master and rule enforcer of the game -but apparently he's not the real Zero.

(Let the 999 flashbacks run wild...)

Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die will be released on both the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, but does not yet have a date anywhere.