Liz Maas
Tales of Innocence R Update
A Spada video clip, another new character, special download pricing and more!
10.29.11 - 7:24 PM

It turns out that QQ isn't the only new character in Tales of Innocence R, Namco Bandai's Vita remake of the Nintendo DS title. Conway Tau is apparently familiar to Ruca even though he hails from the same world as QQ. Conway is said to be shy and doesn't like confrontations.

The most recent video clip of the game focuses on another not-so-new character, Spada, a short-tempered teenager who doesn't get along too well with Iria. Spada, who wields two swords in combat, is said to have 'a strong sense of justice.'

Japanese retailer Ami Ami revealed the character abilities would be set by using the 'Style' system, already drawing comparisons to Final Fantasy XII's license board. Using ability points gained in battle, you can purchase new abilities on what looks like an ability grid. The exact effects depend on the combination of abilities that you've chosen. Related: One new element in the battle system is the 'rave gauge.' Its four levels have different effects, again dependent on what abilities you choose.

The inevitable retail pre-order bonuses were also revealed this week. Bonuses include an adventure skit drama, styled like the series' famous skits. It's actually set up like a voiced adventure game where you can make choices that lead to different endings. Tales of Innocence R characters sound happy to be making their appearance on the Vita, while other Tales series characters seem envious, wishing for a chance to appear on the Vita, too. A hint at things to come, perhaps? The other bonus is actually a PS Vita app - an alarm clock app called the 'Innocence R Fortune Clock.' You can choose from different Tales of Innocence R characters, and that character will tell you the alarm time and a fortune. This bonus is given to those who pre-order via a printed download code, so you might not need to boot up the game to use the app.

Finally, Namco Bandai also announced limited-time pricing for the download version of the game, which releases in Japan on January 26th. The regular download price is 5380 yen ($70.95 US), but it will be on sale for 4980 yen ($65.68 US) through April. This appears to be a promotion that Namco is doing with their other Vita titles as well, but no word if such a sale will happen out west. The retail version is 5980 yen ($78.87 US), but doesn't have special limited-time pricing like the download version - unless you can find a retailer who discounts it themselves, of course.