Andrew Barker
Conception: Please Have My Baby Announced
Think this is just for shock value? Think again!
10.26.11 - 8:07 PM

Japanese development company Spike (probably best known in the West for their Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series) have just revealed a new game they're working on for the PSP. Titled Conception: Please Have My Baby, the story follows a young man named Itsuki who, after discovering he made his friend (who is also his cousin) pregnant, finds himself stuck in an alternate, dangerous world.

To escape this world called Granvania he first has to save it, and the only people who can are "Hoshi no Ko," or Star Children. How do you make Star Children, you ask? Itsuki will need to build up relationships with twelve pure maidens and then (yes, you guessed it) have a baby with them. These special children aren't made in the uh, regular way though. Itsuki and one of the twelve girls pour their spirit into a device to create the child.

Now, let's not forget this is still an RPG! The children will inherit special powers, abilities, and stats from their parents. So, in other words, you'll be giving birth to mini-warriors, mages, monks, and so on. Each child will be more powerful if Istuki has a strong relationship with the mother. To improve relationships you'll be tackling dialogue options throughout the game (something like a mix between a typical visual novel and the later Persona games).

Once the kids have grown up a little you'll be able to explore dungeons with them by your side and battle monsters. We've seen some screenshots showing Itsuki with at least six of them at once. Oh, and a good proportion of the game is set in a high school. Nice to see Japanese games can continually fit stereotypes. Make sure to check out the first images from the game, below.

Conception: Please Have My Baby is currently 65% complete, but no release date has been announced. Needless to say, there's no way it'll get a release in the West. For some weird reason, I'm a little disappointed.