Liz Maas
Four New Zelda: Skyward Sword Videos
Hey look, Link can play music in the game! ....Shock?
10.23.11 - 2:07 PM

With Nintendo having revealed so much of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword already, what's left to see? There are yet more areas to explore and more items at Link's disposal - at least, enough to spread out over four video clips.

The Eldin Volcano, below, is home to the subterranean Mogma race. They're apparently not hostile; in fact, they help him journey through by providing tips.

Inside the temple itself, he travels across the lava on a giant ball. (You'd think that the ball would be too hot to stand/run on as it rolls around, but apparently not.) Bonus: You'll have to fight off enemies in the process. At least you don't have to dodge those giant fireballs until you're on solid ground...

Link has always had a huge inventory, but in the volcano you'll find a couple of more useful items. Digging Mitts are useful for uncovering items (like keys) buried in the ground; and the Bomb Bag lets you collect bomb flowers for use in puzzle solving. Opening Goddess Cubes apparently leads you to treasure.

It may not be an ocarina, but this time Link will make beautiful music on a harp. I'd argue that if he was so musically inclined perhaps he should have just been a musician, but saving the world likely has better perks anyway.

Or maybe he just wants to impress Zelda.

We have 22 new screenshots in the gallery below too. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases in North America November 20th, Europe on November 18th and Japan on November 23rd.