Liz Maas
New Zelda: Skyward Sword Elements Revealed
Locations, weapons, and skills. Oh, and screenshots, of course.
10.15.11 - 3:43 PM

Nintendo of America has been revealing bits and pieces of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the past few weeks, and videos and screens to go with them. This week's reveal doesn't include any English video yet (besides, we've had quite a few of them!) but we do have lots of details and the usual screenshots.

First up are some newly introduced areas. When Link eventually finds himself in the familiar Faron Woods, not all of it will be familiar - he'll also come across Lake Floria, home to the 'squid-like' Parella Tribe. Of course, to explore Lake Floria itself, Link is going to have to swim, both across the lake and into its depths. This video (Japanese, but with some English subtitles) lets us have a look.

As Link travels between ground and sky, he'll come across lots of insects to collect from the many locations in the game. No, he doesn't have a strange new diet - but he can use the critters to infuse ingredients for the potions he can buy from the Skyloft's bazaar, giving them possible special - or maybe side - effects. There are many different combinations, so you'll need to experiment to get the effects you want.

Another new location, Fun Fun Island, isn't too far from Link's hometown. It's not told what kind of fun this small island has in store, only that he'll need to fulfill a request from the island's one and only resident before he can partake.

Finally, the whip can not only be used to hurt enemies and grab at objects, but also to snatch items and to help you solve puzzles. Nintendo claims it will be easy to switch between Link's weapons and items without having to pause your game.

You'll find 23 new screenshots in the gallery below. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii releases in North America on November 20th in North America.