Liz Maas
Today's Releases: Dark Souls, A PSone Classic... And PS2 Classics?
You might have expected lots of deaths and Chrono Trigger, but I bet you weren't expecting this.
10.04.11 - 6:33 PM

While I and some of you lined up at GameStop (or EBGames) for Dark Souls, others were probably lining up for PSN cards.. or maybe both. The PSone version of Chrono Trigger this time made it onto PSN as promised, but so did a couple of PS2 Classics. Wait, what? Sony yesterday announced on the PlayStation Blog that they were starting up an 'Only On PSN' section, which for the first time has downloadable PlayStation 2 games. Just like the PSone Classics, the PS2 Classics are straight-up ports - no HD enhancements here and no trophy support.

The first two PS2 Classics of note to RPG fans are Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire (or GRIMgRiMoiRe if you go by the PSN's listing, but I feel like a 14-year old girl when I type like that, so Grim Grimoire it is). Both are Vanillaware titles from 2007, though Atlus USA published Odin Sphere and NIS America brought over Grim Grimoire. Handily enough, editor Dennis Rubinshteyn reviewed both titles so you can find his reviews linked below to find out more about each game. Both are available now on PSN for $9.99 US each.

Chrono Trigger meanwhile, is likely not in need of any introduction, but is also available on the network for $9.99 US.

Oh, and if you're a PlayStation Plus member, the cute and cartoony Costume Quest is free on PSN this month.

Finally, Dark Souls is available (retail-only, so far) for both PS3 and Xbox 360 as of today for $59.99 US. Europe and PAL territories need to wait until Friday, however. You can find Kim's E3 preview below, and check back for a review coming soon!