Mike Salbato
iOS This Week: Pocket RPG Shrinks Down, Destinia, Zenonia 4 and More
Pocket RPG can now actually fit in your pocket.
09.16.11 - 11:43 PM

Chrono Trigger is coming to iOS! Details on that and much more in another news story.

In the meantime, we have several new releases, and another newly-announced title to discuss. Still some notable no-shows, but we'll see them eventually.

New Releases

Pocket RPG (iPhone/iPod touch, or Universal)
by Crescent Moon Games (developed by Tasty Poison Games)
Price, iPhone: $0.99 [iTunes link]
Price, Universal: $4.99 [iTunes link]

We talked in the August 26th edition of iOS This Week about Pocket RPG getting an iPhone version on September 1st. And it did! And then I failed to pass this along. It worked out in a way though: along with the new Pocket RPG iPhone Edition, developer Tasty Poison Games has updated the original Pocket RPG (originally iPad-only) to be a Universal app. So if you already owned the game, the free update will allow you to play it on your other iOS devices as well.

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition will eventually sell for $2.99, but right now the game can be yours for only $0.99, so now is a good time to buy if you're at all interested.

And hey - now that it supports the iPhone and iPod touch, Pocket RPG can finally, actually, fit in your pocket.

Destinia (iPhone/iPod touch)
by GAMEVIL (developed by Everple)
Price: $0.99 [iTunes link]

What do we have here? Another Zenonia-esque action RPG? Why yes it is. Destinia may not seem to cover a ton of new ground - its plot has you, as Duke, teaming up with a princess and protecting both the land in general and Duke's childhood sweetheart from - wait for it - the Empire. Typical plot aside, Destinia promises a 30-hour game and features three playable classes, a multitude of skills to learn, and not only an item creation system but a pet that you can evolve as you play.

Take a look at the game's trailer below, and if you like what you see, it's also only $0.99 right now.

Exitium: Saviors of Varonia FREE (Universal)
by Minoraxis, Inc.
Price: FREE [iTunes link]

Remember in early August we discussed the release of Minoraxis' Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia? The game launched at the sale price of $1.99. It's since gone up to its regular price of $3.99, making it a little less of an impulse buy. Not to worry though, as the developer has released a free version, titled Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia FREE. I don't really have to convince you to try a free game, right? Okay.


You've probably read the news that the mobile Final Fantasy Legends is making its way onto both iOS devices and Android, right? That's exciting - FFL looked like a fun retro Final Fantasy anyway, but unless you had a Japanese mobile phone, you probably haven't played it. So it's nice that now even more people will get to play the game, and it looks pretty spiffy to boot.

Also, Chrono Trigger! Seriously, I can't wait for this. Not only because it's my favorite RPG of all time, but if the port is handled as well as Square Enix handled Secret of Mana, our beloved SNES game is in good hands. And again, we'll be talking about this and more in an upcoming news story.

Finally, since we're talking about GAMEVIL today, we've learned that the company has a fourth Zenonia game out there, in the form of Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend. While not officially announced by GAMEVIL's US branch, it's no doubt just a matter of time. For now, we have the game's incredibly dramatic trailer for you:

For more Zenonia 4, you can poke around the game's Korean site. And to give credit where its due, several forum users at Touch Arcade have been posting screens and videos in this thread, so you may want to look there too. Once we get confirmation on an English version of Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend.