Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIII-2's Release Dates Set
Plus: a hardware bundle and DLC!
09.14.11 - 11:06 PM

Square Enix promised that it would announced Final Fantasy XIII-2's release date at Tokyo Game Show. And so they did, alongside overseas dates, other plans for the game, including promotional. Just like Final Fantasy XIII, the game will receive a 'Lightning ver. 2' PlayStation 3 hardware bundle, pictured below. The PS3 has a 320 GB hard drive, but not yet announced for outside of Japan. The bundle is priced at 37,960 yen ($494.96 US).

After weeks of previously dodging the question, the company also conformed that the game will see some DLC. So far in Japan they announced pre-order DLC bonuses through Lawson's and HMV. There will also be post-release content, which wasn't yet detailed. Finally, there will be a six-chapter web novella titled 'Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report' written from the viewpoint of the Rygdea and Yaag Rosch. It will be on the game's Japanese site this month.

Finally, the game's theme song will be sung by Mai Fukui and Charice... but not together. They will sing the same song, but with different lyrics and arrangements. In Japan, Mai Fukui will sing the version that will appear in the PS3 game, and Charice's will be in the 360 version. Charice will sing in both versions outside Japan - except in some parts of Asia.

Final Fantasy XIII-2's Japanese date is December 15th with both versions priced at 7980 yen ($104.05 US). North American fans can expect the title on January 31st, and Europe/PAL territories on February 3rd.