Liz Maas
These Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Show A Lot of Lightning
Snipe Snipe Snipe Snipe Snipe...
09.08.11 - 10:34 PM

To go with the recent story bits about Noel's backstory and the time-travel system, Square Enix released a nice dose of screenshots (for once) of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots that give you a better idea of what the heck we're talking about. Naturally, they're in English, so you'll see that the 'Historia Cross' system is actually 'Historia Crux' in our version of the game. The number '___AF' of course, refers to the in-game year. (005 AF takes place two years after FFXIII ends.)

Screen Screen Screen

Trapped in Valhalla, where she protects the goddess Etro, Lightning asks Noel for help. After a meteor crash nearby, he shows up in Serah's vicinity and asks her to travel with him across time. Noel explains all this to Serah and sets off with her through the gates - but not without finding Artefacts first. As you travel through time, you'll alter your path and how the game plays out. In an interview with the Square Enix Members' Blog (EU), director Motomu Toriyama talks about how there'll be exploration both environment and timewise, and how player choices are important.

Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen

The majority of these screens are of Lightning herself. Most are from the Chaos Bahamut battle, but her unnamed nemesis shows up too. It appears that you can get a choice between QTEs - or at least, Lightning does.

Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen

You'll find these and several more screens (28 new ones in total, plus Lightning art) in our gallery below. Final Fantasy XIII-2 hits Western shelves early next year.