Liz Maas
A First Look At code_18
What does the Infinity series have in store for us now?
05.28.11 - 9:57 PM

The Infinity series of visual novels is the same one that brought us Ever17: Out of Infinity for the PC; other games include Never7 and Remember11, neither of which came out West. Recently, it was leaked that we'd see another installment... and that it's coming to two platforms. Titled code_18, this new installment will be made available for both the PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360.

And we now know the first details and get a first look. Set in a high school in 2018, code_18 follows a sophomore student named Hayato Hino, a member of the science club who is attempting to get a Dragon Mk-7Va into flight. The game also stars five female classmates: Hikari Haruna, Yuzu Soraki, Tamaki Tatekawa, Nanari Torikura, and Arika Tokitou.

Each platform will see a standard and a limited edition. The PSP versions will cost 6090 yen ($75.37 US) and 8190 yen ($101.36 US) respectively, while the Xbox 360 version will be 7140 yen ($88.37 US) and 9240 yen ($114.36 US). The limited editions include the game, a special artbook, a drama CD plus a soundtrack CD, which will include the opening and ending themes. Both themes are performed by milktab. (Why does that name make me want bubble tea...?)

Finally, you get a first look at the game and its characters in the gallery below. There's also a dozen screenshots from the PSP version (not that we expect the Xbox 360 version to look much different). Both versions of code_18 will be released in Japan on September 29th.

In other Infinity news, the Xbox 360 remake of Ever17 has apparently been delayed, according to Japanese retailers. Though its original date was July 28th, a new date was not yet listed.