Andrew Barker
Details On UnchainBlades ReXX’s Monster System
There's a video too!
05.28.11 - 12:22 AM

We've had a trailer, we've been introduced to the characters, and now it's time for the monsters to have a turn! In upcoming PSP/3DS title UnchainBlades Rexx you'll have a chance to recruit (or have them 'follow' you) monsters after battle. You can have up to four characters with you at a time, and each one can have up to four monsters.

Outside of battle you'll even get the chance to have a bit of a chat to the monsters you've recruited. By responding in the appropriate way you can increase the odds of a team attack where characters and monsters attack together! Check out the video below, which tales a look at this system, and the game's characters.

UnchainBlades Rexx is currently due for a July 14th release in Japan.