Liz Maas
Final Fantasy Type-0: Characters, Maps And More
Maybe even an old friend... or foe.
05.26.11 - 3:09 AM

You might have heard that Gilgamesh gets a Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy costume based on his Final Fantasy Type-0 Genbu armour. Only problem is... it wasn't really known that Gilgamesh was even in Type-0. As it turns out, he's a member of L'Cie... and a boss. Though he gained the power of the Genbu crystals and is now twice the size of the students, he can't remember what he set out to do.

Genbu is the Peristylium located in Lolica. Located in the mountains, the people here are mostly soldiers. The crystals provide them with great defense against both weapons and magic. Suzaku, meanwhile, is the Peristylium located in Rebrum, and all your playable characters are from here.

Dengeki PlayStation introduced a few such characters:

  • Sice, who uses a scythe and has a 'Black Hole' spell.
  • King uses dual-wield guns. His Power Bullet can damage a number of enemies in one area.
  • The red-haired Eight is a hand-to-hand specialist, as he doesn't like weapons. His special ability requires d-pad input to help him unleash different attacks.
  • Arecia Al-Rashina isn't actually playable, but she heads the magic division and overseas magic department at Suzaku. Her being there is a mystery, but is considered a sorceress capable of great things.

The summon Odin also makes a return, with at least three different attacks: As fans of previous games know, he can slice enemies in half. He can sprint from afar to attack an enemy. And with Full Moon Slash, he can strike a number of enemies at once.

The game's map is called an 'active world map.' Like other Final Fantasy titles, you get into random battles while on the map, but you will also see areas being invaded by the enemy, in which case you're sent in to fight. If a city is taken under siege and you help take it back, you'll get to shop (and presumably rest) in that city after the fact.

Finally, during a mission, sometimes you'll get special orders which vary with the mission. Reaching the goals set in these orders nets you items and other such bonuses at the end of your mission.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is set to release in Japan sometime this summer (hopefully).