Liz Maas
More On Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light And Darkness
Fourteen jobs, but what pays the most?
04.24.11 - 1:20 AM

GungHo Online Entertainment recently revealed a Ragnarok Online-based title for the PlayStation Portable, Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness. They also promised that some of the MMORPG's elements would be retained in this game, and it looks like fourteen classes will be in the game. Famitsu had a look at three of them: The Lord Knight (which sounds like something out of Fire Emblem) wields a two-handed sword and balances offense and defense really well. High wizards have the power of wind, water, fire and earth, casting from a distance. Finally. champions are like a monk class, wielding claws and skilled in chi arts.

Famitsu also got into some more detail on the three revealed characters: Torene, Cynthia and Adelaide, as well as one more. Torene, 34 and a mercenary, is of the Champion class and likes doing things his way. Cynthia, a High Wizard of noble blood, is actually half his age - and they don't quite get along well when they first meet. They run into a 19-year old Lord Knight named Yuri when a fortress comes under attack. Finally, Adelaide is the titular character - that is, the imperial princess and King Bernard III's daughter. She's described as timid, but can sense any evil around her.

There was more talk of the chain and group attacks, which make use of filling up gauges and result in powerful attacks. Famitsu has a look at the game (including some lovely art) here. Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness is due sometime this spring in Japan.