Liz Maas
Nintendo Reveals Pandora's Tower
Another Wii action RPG we may or may not see here.
04.06.11 - 4:52 AM

Some months ago, Nintendo opened a teaser site for a Wii game called Pandora's Tower: Until I Return To Your Side, but other than depicting a girl with a tattoo on her back, no one knew anything about the game for the longest time. This week the game got a full reveal, including a trailer and lots of information in this week's Famitsu magazine.

Nintendo is now listing Pandora's Tower as an action RPG developed by Ganabrion (One Piece), and it's actually out in Japan in a month and a half. The game focuses on its two main characters, Ende and Ceres and takes place in the kingdom of Elysium, on the continent of Graecia. (As you might have guessed, it's quite on the Greek-themed side.) Ceres is a 15-year old chosen to sing at Elysium's harvest festival, which happens at the beginning of the game. Hailing from the Eos area, she's quite religious. Ende is 22 years old, once a soldier for Athens and having fought in a war against Elysium. He is fairly quiet.

When Ceres prepares to sing at the festival, some beasts suddenly appear. Ende finds her unconscious before she could be taken by the army for questioning as a witness to the beasts' appearance. The dwarf merchant Graiai gives them an Orichalcum Chain, which lets the owner know the extent of Ceres' condition (as she is now cursed with the mark of the beast) and helps them escape the area, and they find themselves in an isolated tower.

The game is over once the on-screen indicator for the Orichalcum Chain reaches zero. The chain is also a weapon which can be used against the beasts and to tear off their flesh for Ceres to keep her curse from getting worse; it will be useful to solve puzzles in the tower as well. In total there are twelve towers, each with a different environment (a Red Flame Tower was mentioned in Famitsu) and a boss at the end. Only the flesh from all twelve bosses will cure Ceres' curse.

Here is the trailer which hit the web yesterday:

Pandora's Tower: Until I Return To Your Side will be released in Japan on May 26th for 6800 yen ($79.98 US).