Liz Maas
ClaDun X2: This Is A Sequel
And it's not just a sequel, it's twice the.. well, everything!
12.22.10 - 4:25 PM

If you got a huge kick out of Nippon Ichi Software's throwback title ClaDun: This Is An RPG (known as Classic Dungeon in Japan) earlier this fall, you'll be happy to know that a sequel is on its way. NIS announced in Dengeki magazine that Classic Dungeon X2 will be out next spring in Japan. And this one is not just a sequel, it's 'X2' nearly everything: weapons, magic circle types, dungeon size, jobs, edit elements and more, including new monsters. Classic Dungeon X2 will retain the look and basic gameplay of its predecessor, and will consist of mainly 'home base' for your characters, and the random dungeons.

Classic Dungeon X2 will also see 200+ Magic Circle types, up from 103. The new weapons are daggers (which are faster to attack with), arrows, and spears (which have more range than swords) in addition to the existing swords, staves and clubs. The number of jobs has gone up from five to ten, with two of them being saints (much like priests in other games, they can heal and likely cast holy-type spells) and Rangers (who use both arrows and daggers).

Classic Dungeon X2 will be released in Japan on March 24th at 4179 yen ($50 US) for a UMD, or 3000 yen ($35.90 US) for a download version. NIS America has not yet announced the title.