Liz Maas
One Last Chunk Of The 3rd Birthday News And Media
Including a trailer really worth watching.
12.16.10 - 12:28 AM

With The 3rd Birthday a week away in Japan, this will most likely be the last collection of news and media unless it's related to the English version. As a result there's quite a bit to share, including one last intriguing trailer below. It's comprised of mostly story events, including Eve and scenes from the mysterious wedding, and just a bit of gameplay - but definitely worth watching if you're at all interested in the title.

The website also detailed the customization just a little bit more. You can access these options between missions or at a save point during a mission. A while ago, we talked about how you can customize Aya and her skills by putting OE (which stands for Over Energy chips) in her DNA grid. Chips can level up or change altogether depending on how you lay them out and/or stack them. There's even a unique healing chip that restores the HP of soldiers whose minds Aya has Overdived into, ones that will raise her defense stat, and even chips that will restore the lives of soldiers who fell while taking part of a Crossfire alongside Aya. These OE chips are dropped by enemies whom you've killed by using Overdive Kill, and a few will be rare.

Aya's not the only thing that can be customized though, as the weapon system is also pretty detailed. You will customize her guns at the Weapons Bank, where you buy new parts for them. Each weapon will have its own level depending on how much you've used them and what existing parts are on them - so the higher the level, the more different parts will be available to you. They will also have their own stats: weapon power, bullet power, bullet impact, handling and range, all of which can change depending on its level and the parts you buy. Once Aya has Overdived into a soldier carrying a new, unique weapon, she'll be able to find that same one in the Weapons Bank afterwards.

You can see screenshots of the customization systems in our gallery. The official site also got an update, so if wedding dresses covered in blood are your thing, go to the Downloads section for a wallpaper.

Lastly, Famitsu rated the game as 10, 9, 8, and 9, praising its story, customization and difficulty. Director Hajime Tabata claims that for best results, you're better off using the data install feature and connecting your PSP to a television. (He also hopes to make a sequel, depending on how well this title is received.) The 3rd Birthday for the PlayStation Portable is out next week in Japan, and sometime in early 2011 in North America.