Patrick Gann
Five Gust Soundtracks, +1 Competitor
Ar tonelico, Atelier Rorona, and... Chantelise?
12.12.10 - 7:45 PM

Earlier this year, English-speaking gamers were wowed by a totally unheard-of, unknown, not-at-all-on-the-radar RPG called Recettear. This PC title set you up as a character in an item shop trying to pay back an enormous date. Its formula was much akin to Gust's "Atelier" franchise, though many have been quick to say just which they prefer between the two games.

In any case, the indie Japanese developer behind Recettear aren't new. At least not in their homeland. One of the previous titles they developed was an Action RPG called Chantelise. The music team all goes under pseudonyms, and they're all part of EasyGameStation (the developer behind these two games and more). While we're still trying to get our hands on the Recettear soundtrack, we hope this review of an older title can keep you satisfied for the moment.

Now on to the parade of Gust love.

With Ar tonelico Qoga (the third and final game in the series) nearing release in the US, we thought it'd be proper to clear up the last few albums released in Japan for this title. Two of them were created directly by one of the series masterminds: Akiko Shikata. She's a composer, a vocalist, and has even helped develop some of the lore of this world. She did a second album in her series of Orgel CDs called "Nijiiro no Crayon" (Rainbow-Colored Crayon). She also put out an EP of new hymmnos tracks called "Utau Oka." Both of these fall under the "image album" category for Ar tonelico III.

Finally, we have the Hymmnos musical album for Cocona. This covers a period of time that spans Ar tonelico II and the beginnings of Ar tonelico III. While it is first and foremost a drama CD, new and original vocal tracks are included, which is why we took the time to bring the review to you.

Next up: NIS America may not have any left in stock, but it's a simple reminder to you to preorder: it's the Atelier Rorona bonus soundtrack. It's a one-disc "best of" condensed soundtrack. Still, for the asking price (free with the purchase of the game), it's better than trying to import the OST from Japan.

Finally, the good folks of Gust saw fit to release a character vocal album for Atelier Rorona, even though they've already released the game's sequel Atelier Totori. Nothing wrong with re-visiting, I suppose.

That's it for today's update. Next time... who knows? Probably that NieR arranged album, among other things.