Liz Maas
Final Promise Story Gallery Added & Details
Find out more about Imageepoch's PSP title. What is the final promise?
12.05.10 - 1:29 PM

A couple of weeks ago, Imageepoch announced several new JRPG titles, but only more recently did they get into more detail on some of these games, including Final Promise Story. We've some screenshots of the game as well, and you can check those out here.

Final Promise Story takes place in Yggdra, the only kingdom in the game's world to wield magic. However, Yggdra is currently succumbing to a rather powerful state, Savi Chantier, which is known for its machines. In the game you will be saving the people of Yggdra from Savi Chantier as a Messiah soldier.

Wolf, your main character, leads the seven Messiah Knights and is highly skilled in both swords and magic, but doesn't yet know his power at the beginning of the game. He carries a sword called Xanadu. The charismatic Seles who is the princess of Yggdra, is also a Messiah Knight and uses a halberd named Valkid, having chosen to take up arms for her kingdom. Rushdie is an old friend of Wolf, carrying a bow named Formasteen.

These weapons, and the weapons that the rest of the Messiah Knights use are called Golden Weapons, and while they hold great power, they're also slowly eroding that knight's soul. You can keep track of how many soul points they have left, but once they're depleted that character is gone for good. It wasn't mentioned just how you use up these SP, but Famitsu made mention of using skills at the price of your soul.

Battles are turn-based, but you will need to use a lot of strategy. Enemies will also adapt to your skills the more you fight them, so even if you beat a certain enemy once or even a few times, they might prove more challenging next time.

Finally, the game's title comes into play in its story. The only key to saving Yggdra's people is for two Messiah Knights to exchange a 'Final Promise,' but this can only be done if they share a deep bond. As one of these knights, you'll choose which other soldier you'll make this bond and promise will be with, so your relationships in the Messiah will be important.

Final Promise Story for the PlayStation Portable will be out in Japan on April 28th for 6279 yen ($76.08 US). Although NIS America and Imageepoch have now made their partnership official, the game does not yet have a release window in North America.