NIS Announces Witch Tale Details
03.06.09 - 2:16 PM

Nippon Ichi Software has released a few new details concerning its upcoming DS RPG Witch Tale: Minarai Majo to 7nin no Hime (The apprentice witch and the seven princesses). Protagonist Ridel is a curious and ambitious student of magic. She wants to master magic that only she is capable of using. In search of a legendary magic spell she visits an old castle and breaks the seal of an ancient book stored there. And while the book's magical powers are as strong as desired, opening it had an undesired side effect. A powerful witch who once had brought chaos upon the world had been sealed within. Seeking revenge for her banishment, the witch curses the world. The curse leads to the appearance of monsters. Now it's up to Ridel to right her wrong and once more seal the evil witch. On her quest to defeat the witch Ridel is assisted by Ruu, a tomato-loving vampire.

In battle, players can select the following commands: (physical) attack, magic attack, item and escape. There will be magic spells of seven different elemental affinities in Witch Tale. By leveling up, Ridel will gain access to stronger spells.

Those who pre-order the game will be treated to the Witch Tale Art and Sound Collection CD. The CD Extra disc will contain artwork and BGM tracks.

Witch Tale: Minarai Majo to 7nin no Hime will be available in Japan on May 28th.

Chris Winkler