Falcom Soundtracks Backlog Completion
02.20.09 - 10:05 PM

It's been a personal goal of mine, as the head of RPGFan's Soundtracks department, to bring in reviews for every applicable Falcom-published RPG soundtrack known to man.

Today, we've done it. With a few exceptions anyway. Drama albums are lacking reviews (and this will only change if we bring in someone who wants to talk about the actual content of the drama dialogue, which would require someone who speaks Japanese). We also chose not to waste our time trying to track down promotional albums that simply rehash music that already exists on other soundtracks. The only promo albums that get attention are those with original content.

With these caveats in place (similar to the Dragon Quest caveats we made when we said we'd caught up there as well...which we have, though there are two new albums in 2009 that we have yet to cover for that series), we can safely say we've reached our goal with Falcom albums.

Today we cover the stragglers. Here you'll find all three soundtracks for the Falcom's little-known RPG Dinosaur, as well as some generic "Falcom" CDs. You'll also find a rare promo album for The Legend of Heroes III and Brandish 3. Furthermore, you may run into reviews for Romancia and the very strange Selected Sorcerian collection of games. Finally, in terms of recent releases, we have a review for Vantage Master Portable OST, and two albums we had neglected to cover in the Zwei!! series (thanks to reader Derek Strange for these reviews).

So that's it. If you're a Falcom nut, like I am, hopefully today's update will leave you quite pleased. We know we already have another album to cover in the near future, thanks to Atlus USA publishing soundtracks with all their games these days, so expect a Legacy of Ys I & II soundtrack review soon. But until then, just keep enjoying the updates we do. It's all for you guys and gals who love the music!

Patrick Gann