Patrick Gann
Spectrobes: Origins Interview @ E3
This marks our second interview with creator/producer Kentaro Hisai.
06.20.09 - 12:12 PM

The third game in the series from Disney Interactive, Spectrobes: Origins is coming this Fall to the Wii. The game is an Action RPG in the same style as Kingdom Hearts, but with a pretty neat twist: you actively control two characters instead of one.

Kentaro Hisai, the producer of the series from Disney Interactive, granted us an interview during the E3 show. Check it out by clicking the link below! You'll even get to see cool pics of us performing a charge attack...

Also, in case you're wondering, we're still not quite done with our E3 coverage. We're a little slow around here. Expect our final "wrap-up" article, complete with awards and a picture gallery, in the near future.