Patrick Gann
E3: Nier Q&A With Yosuke Saito
Cavia's new genre-identity-crisis still early in development.
06.04.09 - 2:11 PM

Yesterday, we had a chance to sit down with Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito. Saito-san has worked, in the past, with tri-Ace on multiple Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile projects. Now, Saito is producing Nier, developed by Cavia (Drakengard series).

Right off the bat, Saito told us the same thing we've been reading in press releases: this game is not an RPG, it's an Action Adventure! Nonetheless, Saito quickly followed up this bold statement by saying that the main character (Nier) does level up, gain new equipment, and dialogue with NPCs. In fact, the game is apparently quite story-driven. I was confused, and so were the other members of the press in the Q&A session. Didn't he just say this wasn't an RPG? Then why does it sound so much like a Square Enix Action RPG?

Saito clarified by saying that the game is "about 70% Action Adventure, and 30% RPG."

We don't know what to make of that here at RPGFan, and we may or may not give full coverage to the game. But we thought you'd like to know.

Saito cited the God of War series as an indirect influence and inspiration on this game's development. The main character, Nier, wields a giant sword and a magical book (that allows him to shoot projectile magic balls at enemies). Nier is apparently on a quest to find a way to heal is sick daughter. The early build of the game we saw had Nier wandering through fields and renaissance-era buildings. However, early trailers show Nier in modern, urban landscapes, destroyed by some unknown force. We're not sure what this means, or how the "timeline" will play out in the game, and Saito seemed excited about this particular mystery.

The early build of the game featured no music whatsoever, and when asked who was composing the score, Saito wouldn't (couldn't?) say. The only music that exists presently is the background music on the game's official site.

Depending on whether or not Square Enix makes up their mind on how to market and talk about this game, and depending on how the final build plays out (combat seemed rough in this early build, and we're not sure whether or not we'll be able to view an enemy's HP in any form when fighting it), we may bring further coverage of this game. However, if Square Enix is serious about their "this is not an RPG" statement, consider this the last you'll hear of Nier on RPGFan.