John McCarroll
E3: Dragon Age: Origins
06.04.09 - 12:59 AM

It's official: there is a dragon in Dragon Age: Origins. Slated for release on October 20 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the BioWare RPG follows a world that is corrupted by a race of creatures called the darkspawn in an event known as the Blight. A caste of heroes known as the Grey Wardens are the only force that can keep the Blight at bay and protect the world. The story is dark and focuses on the concepts of betrayal and lust.

Much like BioWare's older PC titles Dragon Age: Origins focuses quite a bit on intra-party communication and the balance of good, evil, and the grey area in between. Party members are not beholden to the hero completely, and can disagree with the actions that the main character makes. Party members can go as far as abandoning or even betraying the leader of the party, should he go that strongly against their morals. The interplay between the characters will also affect combat statistics, as those who are more in tune to the hero's modus operandi will perform better in combat.

Combat is a mixture between turn-based and real time and can be completely strategic or action-driven, depending on how the player wants to take the game down. BioWare showed off a fight versus the first dragon seen in the game thus far, and it was important to have each party member working together to take down the dragon. While we weren't able to go deep in-depth into the RPG system underneath the hood, the game will be accessible for casual fans, as well as should be able to bring in the min/maxers who love to take down the harrdcore RPG.

Dragon Age: Origins will have more than 80 hours of gameplay out of the box and BioWare is currently estimating the release of approximately 20 more hours of downloadable content after the game is released. Keep watch to RPGFan as the game gets closer to its October 20th release date for more information!