John McCarroll
E3: OGPlanet at E3
La Tale and Cabal Online at the show.
06.02.09 - 11:13 PM

We had had a chance to make a short stop to chat with the folks from OGPlanet about their two Free-to-Play MMORPGs, La Tale and Cabal Online. While both games are currently available, both will be seeing content updates within the next two months.

Cabal Online will see a new content patch called Soul & Siena on June 25. The game is a western-styled FTP MMORPG, featuring six classes, a full-on PvP system and incredibly strong graphics engine. The title is also much more action-oriented then most MMORPGs, and features a combo system. The PvP system also keeps players from ganking too often - players are free to kill other players, but if they go too far, they will spend an hour of logged-in game time in jail. The newest expansion will feature a brand new dungeon, as well as PvP implications for that dungeon. Whichever faction wins the daily PvP battle for the zone will gain a portal to the dungeon for easy access. The expansion pack also features additional character enhancements, items, and monsters on top of the new dungeon.

La Tale will be seeing its newest expansion on July 9 with its Mecha Empire update. Following the story of a previous Atlantis-based update, the Mecha Empire update will add a new own, 3 new maps, a new boss, new items, and several high level items. The biggest part of the update is the new class, the Engineer, as well as its improved version, the Meister. The engineers will fight with their toolboxes, and when they reach level 80, they will become the meister, which fights with robot partners as opposed to weapons. The Mecha Empire also adds quite a few new bits of graphical goodness to the game, giving the anime-inspired game a steampunk look.

Check out both the websites for La Tale and Cabal Online below!