Soundtrack Reviews: MegaTen, Wizardry, Love Adventures
03.28.09 - 5:55 PM

We have a lot on tap today. Enjoy absorbing the content of these reviews!

Here's the full rundown of reviews:

Majin Tensei Excellence Sound Collection - a gaiden in the SMT franchise, reviewed by Patrick Gann.
Megami Tensei Online IMAGINE OST - the MMORPG, now released in North America by Aeria Games, had a promotional soundtrack released with the Japanese packaged version of the game. Reviewed by Patrick Gann.
Megaten World ~ Goddess World - An arranged album featuring music from multiple titles in the early SMT series (the Tsukasa Masuko glory days). Reviewed by Patrick Gann.
Memories Off Theme Song Complete Works - A two disc set of vocal theme songs from the early games and anime of the flagship series from KID. Reviewed by Neal Chandran.
True Fortune OST - A "girl's side" gaiden in the True Love Story series, with music by Noriyuki Iwadare. Reviewed by Neal Chandran.
Wizardry Gaiden IV ~Throb of the Demon's Heart~ Drama CD Special Chapters 1, 2, and 3 - This three-part set of mini-CDs are some of the rarest albums in the series, and for good reason: they're just drama tracks with an instrumental opening and vocal ending. All three reviewed by Patrick Gann.
Wizardry 8 / Jagged Alliance 2 - One of the earliest CD releases by musician Kevin Manthei, and the only North American Wizardry game to receive a published soundtrack. Reviewed by reader (and well-known member of the English-speaking VGM community) "avatar!"

With this soundtracks update, we have cleared the backlog of all Wizardry soundtracks. However, we're still behind on Shin Megami Tensei, and we know it. According to our fancy radars, there are at least five more soundtracks we need to review before we can claim "completion" on that set of music.

As for Memories Off and True Love Story, we've barely scratched the surface. Darn these love adventures and their multitude of soundtracks! We're just trying to find the best ones among the pile to let you know what's worth owning.

Next week, who knows what we'll review?! But keep an eye out, because there's sure to be something.

Patrick Gann