Marvelous Announces Arc Rise Fantasia for Wii
06.27.08 - 10:29 AM

Marvelous Interactive announced its newest Wii-based RPG titled Arc Rise Fantasia. The game is a collaboration between the Harvest Moon makers and imageepoch, the development studio behind Lumious Arc 1 and 2. Arc Rise Fantasia is produced by Marvelous Interactive's Hideyuki Mizutani (Luminous Arc, Lux Pain producer) and imageepoch president Ryouei Mikage. Hiroyuki Kanemura, formerly with Tales Studio, is directing the game. Takumi Miyajima, who previously worked on Tales of Symphony: Knight of Ratatosk and Coded Soul, has been hired as scenario writer. Meanwhile, Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears, Chrono Cross) and Kenichi Yoshida are providing the musical score and character designs, respectively.

The game's story will pit a group of young adults led by protagonist Bright against a dragon seeking to destroy the world. Bright is a mercenary who likes to wield a giant sword. He can be very blunt, but at the same time also possesses a gentle side. Rifia is a young girl with a lot of spiritual power. She is capable of summoning, but knows nothing of the world. The bright and skilled Adeel has studied in martial arts school together with Bright and Ars. The latter is the second child of the king of Meridian. He is trusted by his people and has been a friend of the protagonist ever since they studied martial arts together.

In battle, party members use a joint pool of action points. Which character uses how many action points (APs) is the player's decision. The following commands will be at the player's disposal during the game: fight, magic, character-specific special techniques (using SP), release roguresu (creatures that can be summoned to help out in battle). By assigning many APs to one particular character, it will be possible to unleash powerful combo attacks. Attacking one enemy with multiple magic attacks will increase the damage done to the respective foe.

Arc Rise Fantasia has yet to receive an official release date in Japan.

Chris Winkler