Sega dishes out new Senjou no Valkyria Details
02.20.08 - 10:08 AM

Sega released some new bits of information regarding its upcoming PlayStation 3 title Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles. At the center of the fictional Great European War depicted in the game is the battle over natural resources, to be more precise over the energy source Ragnite. The small country of Gallia apparently has been invaded by the Imperial army, because of the large amount of Ragnite there. Ragnite powers vehicles, heals wounded allies, or can be used as material for deadly bombs. Two millennia ago, it was used by the Valkyria, a civilization that helped defeat a people known as Darcs. The latter had brought chaos over Europe, but were eventually defeated by the former who fought with shields and spears made of Ragnite. Although ruins of the Valkyrian civilization, such as a temple in a Gallian desert can still be found across Europe, the people living in the game's present generally regard them as nothing more than a fairy tale. On the other hand, the Darcs are still hated to this day for setting the continent on fire.

These days, the government of the duchy of Gallia is in the hands of the Randgriz family, descendants of the Valkyrian people of old. After the death of the duke and his wife, their daughter Cordelia has become heir to the throne, but because of her young age, her coronation has to wait. The 16-year old does not express her own opinions nor does she show any emotions whatsoever. Meanwhile, the country is effectively ruled by chancellor Borg.
The supreme commander over the Empire's army invading Gallia is crown prince Maximilian. Under his direct command are three highly capable soldiers: Radi Yaeger, Berthold Gregor, and Selvaria Bles. If she is wielding ancient Valkyrian shields and spears, Selvaria will transform into an incredibly powerful Valkyrie herself.

Senjou no Valkyria will be available in Japan on April 24th.

Chris Winkler