New Details on Newest Tales Games Revealed
07.21.07 - 4:52 PM

Yesterday we brought you news about the four newest additions to Bandai Namco Games' ever popular Tales series having been announced in Tokyo. Today we have some more information on those four games to share, courtesy of GameWatch.

Tales of Innocence, the second Tales installment to appear on Nintendo's DS after last year's Tales of the Tempest is developed by Alfa System. Alfa System has a long track record working with various Tales installments from Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 to Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Tales of Destiny for PlayStation Portable. Development of Tales of Innocence began at around the same time as the development of Radiant Mythology.

At this point the game is apparently already playable. Furthermore, at Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco will show off the Production I.G-made opening sequence.

Tales of Innocence will feature 3D graphics and a battle system tentatively called Dimension Stride Linear Motion Battle System. Said battle engine is based on Tales of the Abyss' Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System and Tales of Destiny's Aerial Linear Motion Battle System, meaning fans can look forward to a lot of aerial combo action.

Mutsumi Inomata returns as main character designer. The game's sword-wielding protagonist is called Ruca Milda, while the straight-forward and honest Iria Animi will be the female led. Ruca is described by its creators as a traditional RPG hero whose character will grow while he interacts with fellow party members.

Tales of Innocence takes places in a world which has known nothing but full-scale war for a long time. Amidst this chaos, the imperial capital of Regnum continues to enjoy peace thanks to its superior military power. All of a sudden, people with extraordinary powers begin to appear. Because they are feared and hated, the government begins to arrest them. Just at that time, Ruca, son of a merchant family realizes he also happens to possess these extraordinary powers. Last, but not least, the game's main theme "Follow The Nightingale" will be performed by Japanese songstress KOKIA. Tales of Innocence will be available in Japan sometime this winter.

Tales of Symphonia Ratatosk no Kishi (Knights of Ratatosk, tentative title) is a sequel to the popular GameCube and PlayStation 2 (Japan Only) title Tales of Symphonia. This new game will take place three years after the events of the prequel.

The development team promises improved visuals, extensive use of the Wii's unique control scheme, as well as new towns and dungeons. While the system will be based on Symphonia's, the sequel will also allow for players to capture and raise monsters, which can be used as party members. The game's protagonist is call Emil, while the heroine's name is Marta. Furthermore, characters from Tales of Symphonia are set to make appearances in the game. Tales of Symphonia Ratatosk no Kishi will go on sale in Japan sometime next spring.

Details about the PlayStation Portable version of Tales of Rebirth are still far and few in between. So far, Bandai Namco Games has only confirmed the addition of widescreen support and a gallery mode, but apparently those are not the only original features of this handheld release. Tales of Rebirth for PlayStation Portable will hit Japanese retail store shelves in early 2008.

Finally, there is the Tales of Destiny Director's Cut for PlayStation 2. The director's cut will feature a wide number of improvements, including new sub character events, new levels of difficulty, hints being displayed in dungeons, and the option to carry over one's save data from Tales of Destiny. Arguably the biggest addition however is Lion Mode. In this mode, players can experience Tales of Destiny's story through the eyes of Lion Magnus. The game's limited edition, which was also announced at the event, will come in a special box and ship with an original DVD.

Tales of Destiny Director's Cut will be available for Japanese PlayStation 2 owners in early 2008.

Chris Winkler