Square Enix Party 2007 Report
05.12.07 - 7:30 AM

While Square Enix had already shown its cards before the Square Enix Party began in Chiba prefecture earlier today, the company still treated visitors to some new bits of information here and there.

First, fans were informed as to when to expect to hear first specifics regarding the newest Kingdom Hearts title. As an introduction, visitors were treated to the secret trailer movie that came with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +. This was followed by a screen saying information about the newest addition to Tetsuya Nomura's popular series would be forthcoming at Tokyo Game Show 2007.

Furhtermore, (partially) new trailers of the Final Fantasy XIII titles were also shown. Apart from well-known scenes, the Final Fantasy XIII trailer also included a lengthy appearance of Shiva and a creature looking like Ifrit. The first part of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer again showed the game's protagonist disposing of invading soldiers. Afterwards, however, the trailer did not end; rather, fans saw the protagonist return into a building, presumably his residence. There a man clad in a white robe was awaiting him. Immediately a fierce battle between the two men ensued before the trailer ended.

A new trailer of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII did not only highlight the battle between Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal (which had been revealed through screenshots before), but also the famous event scene depicting Zack's death at the outskirts of Midgar. In addition to the game, Square Enix will also be offering a bundle including a PlayStation Portable unit when Crisis Core goes on sale in Japan later this year. The Potion project, which saw beverage maker Suntory sell special beverages under the "Potion" brand during the release period of Final Fantasy XII, apparently has also been revived.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the youngest member of the ever growing family of Final Fantasy games obviously also got some expsoure. A trailer of the PlayStation Portable-based "dramatic progressive action" game showed off battles between two well-known duos: A battle between Final Fantasy I's Warrior of Light and Garland was followed by a confrontation between Final Fantasy IX's Zidane and Kuja. Before the comparatively short trailer ended, a figure looking suspiciously like Sephiroth appeared out of burning lava.

As rumored before, the newest Final Fantasy XI expansion pack will indeed be titled Crusaders of Altana in Japan. Its English name, however, has been significantly altered, being called Wings of the Goddess in North America. The fourth expansion of Square Enix's flagship MMORPG will hit retail store shelves sometime in winter 2007.

Chris Winkler