Soundtracks Update: Completely Random
05.06.07 - 3:27 AM

The good news is that, instead of hearing my opinions over and over, most of these reviews are written by other staff and readers!

But we'll get my contributions out of the way first.

Is there any stopping the force that is Ar tonelico? Considering a sequel was just announced, I submit the answer is no. This review is for Team Entertainment's most recent release, the half-drama, half-vocal album "Spica ~A Heart Weaving Gift~."

Next up, I've reviewed an excellent soundtrack to a lesser-known MMORPG (at least, to the Western World). The game in question is Emil Chronicle Online, and its soundtrack is, for lack of a more sophisticated phrase, made of win.

One of our more frequent reader-reviewers, Mr. Vincent T. J. Sier Chorley, has taken it upon himself to break new ground in our soundtracks section. How it is that we've avoided the music to the beloved Mother (Earthbound) series is beyond me. But, eight years after the soundtracks section opened, we finally see a review with the soundtrack for Mother 2: Gigya's Counterattack. Thanks Vincent!

Mark, a senior editor and true lover of quality VGM, wrote a review for the US-released premium disc, "Castlevania 20th Anniversary Deluxe Music Collection." The CD was released as a bonus for those who preordered the DS title Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It spans the entire series, including music from all sorts of games, some you've probably never even known before.

The last man up is Neal Chandran, king of love adventures. Today, he has submitted a soundtrack review for Memories Off, and another for Suigetsu. Neal provides some in-depth information about the game alongside his commentary on the music: don't miss your chance to be informed!

Patrick Gann