Idea Factory Announces Mist of Chaos for PS3
11.27.06 - 2:26 PM

Idea Factory today announced Mist of Chaos. The PlayStation 3-based title is a strategy RPG set for an early 2007 release date in Japan. In the world of Ades various countries, such as the Kingdom of Zedin, the Kingdom of Preterion and the Land of Heaven's Might, co-exist. The player will have to choose one country and then lead its armies into battle against rivalling countries. The game's aim is the unification of Ades under the player's rule.

Eleven years before the game's current events all hell breaks loose as Ades is engulfed in a black fire. The world is divided in weak and strong, rulers and their subordinates. The powerful countries invade their weaker counterparts and expand their territory that way. In the same year a massive, yet mysterious explosion in the Zandal Sea rocks Ades. The explosion is followed by a week of death, as the sky turns dark. Frightened by the catastrophe, the strong withdraw their troops, while the weak surrender. Only eleven years later, a short-lived peace comes to an end. The countries suffering from despotism and discrimination take up arms to fight their suppressors. In a time when people have forgotten God's existence and worship the demons instead, the world of Ades once again drifts towards war.

Mist of Chaos will play like most other strategy RPG offerings from Idea Factory. After moving from point A to B on the world map, the player will invade enemy territory on the full 3D field map. Special events and the use of special attacks in battle will be accompanied by the usual cut-in sequences.

Idea Factory announced that Mist of Chaos will be the company's first PlayStation 3 title. What this means for Shinten Makai VI, the company's first officially announced PlayStation 3 project, remains to be seen. While its teaser site is still live, it has not seen any updates for a couple of months.

When it goes on sale in February 2007, Mist of Chaos should be the first strategy RPG made in Japan available for PlayStation 3.

Chris Winkler