Idea Factory, Atlus, Aruze and Red Team Up
06.15.06 - 12:47 AM

Idea Factory today announced its newest PlayStation 2-based strategy RPG, titled Chaos Wars. This game however will not only feature original and familiar Idea Factory characters, but also characters from Atlus' Growlanser series, Aruze's Shadow Hearts series and RED Entertainment's Gungrave O.D. and Shinsengumi Gunrouden. The following characters are set to make an appearance in the game:

Hyouma Kusaka (original character): The game's protagonist. His looks, tone and hobbies are all bad. He quickly gets bored by things that he can do easily.
Hayatemaru Mudouin (original character): The game's female led loves fighting games and is an excellent fencer. She also happens to be very rude.
Shizuku Tamaki (original character): Shizuku is Hyouma's classmate. He calls the latter his partner, but is not liked by Hyouma. Shizuku acts if he was from Kansai and loves comedy.
Leen (original character): The young girl is a Gate Master capable of opening warp gates.
Souji Okita (Shinsengumi Gunrouden, RED Entertainment)
Grave (Gungrave series, RED Entertainment)
Mika (Gungrave series, RED Entertainment)
Melvina (Growlanser series, Atlus)
Tippi (Growlanser series, Atlus)
Carmaine (Growlanser series, Atlus)
Takeru (Hametsu no Mars, Idea Factory)
Myuu (Spectral Force series, Idea Factory)
Hiro (Spectral Force series, Idea Factory)
Ur (Shadow Hearts series, Aruze)
Aris (Shadow Hearts series, Aruze)
Joachim (Shadow Hearts series, Aruze)

Starting in Ajito, players will assemble and equip their party, before heading for a gate terminal. Using one of those terminals, they can open so-called warp gates which allow them to enter one of the game's various areas. There players can look for new party members to recruit and enemies to take on. The game's main objective is to help protagonist Hyouma find a way to return to his own world.

Idea Factory veterans will feel right at home in Chaos Wars, as moving around on the field map and disposing of opponents in the game's strategy battles will be reminiscent of the Neverland series.

Chaos Wars will be available in Japan on September 21st for 6,800 yen ($59.31 US).

Chris Winkler